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In company training

Whether it’s about personal leadership, providing leadership to a team or leading an entire organization, we design and deliver tailor-made training courses and workshops for companies aiming to enhance the individual, team or organisation’s capabilities to deal with change, as effective as possible. In fact, improving by transition!

We guide these transitions with our programs and tools, from organization-wide to individual and everything in between.

“The hardest person to manage is you!”

How can we service your organization?


Questions in the field of personal leadership:

  • How do I really connect with others?
  • How do I work from my inner strength without getting carried away too much?
  • How do I increase my personal impact?
  • How do I break through behavioural patterns that do not appear to work?
  • How do I get rid of limiting beliefs?
  • What skills do I have to learn before I am ready for a promotion?
  • How do I shift my focus from my own results to team results?



Questions in the field of managing teams and / or organizations

  • How did I become who I am today and how does that help others?
  • How do I turn a bunch of individuals into a successful team?
  • How do I shift my focus from ‘doing it yourself’ to ‘helping others doing it successfully’?
  • How do I increase my impact being a role model, leading by example?
  • How do I know what my key drivers are and those of others?
  • How do I get more out of my team?


We facilitate this by providing insights, holding up a mirror and putting our finger (gently but firmly) on the sore spot.

We prefer to do this at inspiring external locations using varied playful and meaningful techniques such as:


  • Group or individual assessments:
  1. Management Drives
  2. MBTI
  3. Belbin
  • Lego Serious Play
  • Various exciting games and methods
  • Use of training actors
  • Reflection and feedback techniques
  • Theoretical models (e.g. Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic programming, Change Management, Agile mindset – Scrum frameworks)

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A few examples of in-company training by MeerHRM:

The Personal Leadership Experience


One of our clients was developing a leadership curriculum for her organization. Their question was in the field of Personal Leadership. They asked us to develop something custom made for the target group of employees with 2 to 5 years of work experience and an academic background.


We designed and delivered “The Personal Leadership experience”, a three-day training course in which personal and authentic leadership played a central role.


We started off with learning to recognize and acknowledge personal preference styles in yourself and others. The in-depth learning experience focused on “the game” that is played within organizations, how you enable yourself to make your own choices and oversee the consequences of those choices.

“This training was very valuable to me because I could apply and integrate the methods and techniques offered directly to my own daily (work)life”

“Through this training I became a lot more self-aware and aware of the effect of my behaviours on people around me.”

“Instead of only ‘one-way teaching’, there was a lot of variation between theory, practice, films and cases”.

The Coaching Experience


For an organization without a formal hierarchy in place but with a clear choice for coaching leadership, we developed “The Coaching Experience”.


For a group of twelve seniors and partners we have designed a three-day training course in which we have provided in-depth professionalization in coaching techniques and skills.


During the training the group developed a way of working going forward in order to safeguard this professionalization within the organization.

“The practical training and the models used fit in well with our situation. We now work from one clear vision on coaching and the methodologies are well secured going forward”.

“The variety offered between theories and putting them in practice was nice. The training was high paced and the content was nicely concrete.”

“Judith really know what she is talking about!”

Young Potential Development Program


For a FMCG client we developed a unique Young Potential Development program their future leaders.


In this eighteen months program the Young Potentials have to carry out an improvement project and an innovation project, sponsored by the management, based on nine core competencies in a pressure cooker situation.

At the end of the program, the participants themselves become coaches of the new generation Young Potentials. This creates the “double loop learning” effect.

“Learning is very unwittingly. Now that I am at the end of the program, I truly understand how much I have learned and what enormous steps I have taken in my personal development. ”

“I don’t know exactly what you guys do, but you ask one question and all of a sudden we are one day ahead and I have gained a lot of insights which really help me to move on in my personal development”.

“Thanks for giving me a kick up my backside!”

Open enrolment training

We believe that our knowledge should be made available to everyone. That is why we regularly organize workshops for interested parties. If you don’t see the workshop you are looking for announced here, please ask for the possibilities.


  • Program yourself for success
  • Multiplying Mind mapping
  • Multiplying Happiness
  • Personal Leadership: get the best out of you and become who you are meant to be
  • Multiplying ‘the 7 habits’
  • NLP, a brief introduction
  • NLP Practioner
  • NLP Master Practioner